NBA trade deadline, moves that could happen before 3pm today

3d modelled and rendered basketball hoop.

The rumors are swirling like a Tasmanian devil as the NBA trade deadline looms over the heads of GM’s league-wide. By 3 o’ clock today, we could see a different landscape or no change at all.

One rumor that has persisted is that of Deandre Jordan being traded from the Clippers to the Cavs to help fill out the roster for LeBron and company. A move like that would also help in filling in the big man gap left behind by Kevin Love’s injury. It may also help LeBron stay in town..maybe.

Which is also an interesting scenario to consider, what if LeBron James was traded? It’s not that crazy to think about when you really sit and ponder the situation. It is no secret that Lebron is considering bolting out of Cleveland again come this offseason. So with that being the case, why not be aggressive if your that psycho Dan Gilbert, and at least get some assets this time for James.

The only problem with this theory, LeBron would have to waive his no-trade clause, and that does not seem likely to happen before 3 pm today.

When it comes to the Heat, Miami is said to be in the market for a guard to help in the frontcourt. Tyreke Evans is a name that has popped up as a possibility for Miami. The Heat have also denied any rumors that say they are willing to trade big man, Hassan Whiteside. They better not trade Whiteside.

As the deadline approaches, we’ll see if any of this noise turns out to be the real deal, or just that, noise.



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