On this day every year is a Marlins eye-opener

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND MARCH 15-16--Florida Marlins Bobby Bonilla gets ready to bat against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tuesday, March 11, 1997, in Vero Beach, Fl. As the first rite of spring training, Bonilla entered the Florida Marlins' clubhouse with his 3-year-old son, began cursing and greeted reporters by breaking off their interview with another player. ``Y'all get away,'' he shouted. ``There's a new sheriff in town.''(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

This really has nothing to do with Marlins to much but if you are a baseball fanatic then you probably know what today is.

Yes that is right, every July 1st is Bobby Bonilla Day!
This is a sad and painful day for Mets fans as the organization shells out $1,193,248.20 to someone who hasn’t hit a ball since the new millennium. Oh and they will owe him until year 2035.
Here is the deal, the Mets basically said we don’t want you anymore, but we owe you $5.9 million and we are broke. So the Mets did what anyone else would do and deferred the payment into 24 payments with 8% interest until 2035. which turns that $5.9 million into a $29.5 million payout.
How did this happen? Well the Wilpons had accounts with investor Bernie Madoff and explained to them that if they differ and take the $5.9 million they owe into the markets it would be as if they never paid Bonilla at all because of the profit they would have made from investments.
But it all wasn’t real.

So how does this effect the Marlins?
Well as an organization the Marlins are looked at as a dumpster fire or a the dumbest around, but at least they aren’t the Mets!
Marlins can’t be the worst organization when the Mets have to pay a 53-year-old retired player every year until 2035. The Mets are also in town and Marlins have beaten them badly the first two games, so that makes Mets fans even more sad.

If you are a Marlins fan and need a reason as to why they aren’t the worst organization, just think back to this day, smile and say “Ah, at least I am not a Mets fan”.



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