OPINION: NASCAR got it right when it comes to Justin Haley at Daytona

Let me start by saying I am NOT a fan of cup drivers in the Xfinity Series and Kyle Larson was not exactly the guy I was pulling for off turn 4. That being said though, NASCAR (whether you want to believe it or not) made the right call.

I’d hate to be the one who has to decide these things but the rule in this situation is pretty black and white, advance your position below the yellow line and you will be penalized. Justin Haley’s move was about as close as it gets but he did dip below the yellow line in the tri-oval and if NASCAR doesn’t call it, your opening up a Pandora’s box for tonight’s Coke Zero Sugar 400.

This isn’t the first time NASCAR has had to make a call like this, and believe me it won’t be the last. In all reality they’re kind of screwed either way. Make a call, people are going to be pissed, don’t make the call and people will once again be pissed.

For those of you who argue he was already ahead of Larson and Sadler when he went below the yellow line, I think there’s another part of this to look at. Haley began to cross the line before he passed the leader. Even though he may have dipped below after nosing out in front, he was already on the line and slowly drifting under it as he was side by side for the position. In the process, Haley also cut the distance ever so slightly in the tri-oval by dipping below the yellow line, which could be argued as an advantage when making that pass. Did it actually make a difference? Probably not, but that’s not NASCAR place to guess how much of an advantage it gained him. NASCAR’s only job, make sure they stay in bounds. Haley did not, and he can be as frustrated as he wants, but in this case it’s pretty cut and dry. Seriously, if this was football and someone’s toe went over the line, it would be a non-issue so why is this any different?

Haley had plenty of room to stay above the yellow line and he made what was more then likely a rookie mistake that he’ll never forget.

What do you think? Who should of won last night Larson or Haley?



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