Praise The Lord McAdoo Is Gone

. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

After a year of misery and playing the blame game the real issue for the Giants is gone. Goodbye McAdoo you will not be missed. 2-10 that what he got us this year 2-10 record. He hasn’t made the changes needed and decided to play the blame game and blame Eli.

Going into this year we all knew the issues the Giants faced. We needed a running game and to work on our line but we did neither. Instead we started the year with a mediocre run game and under par O Line. We had opportunities to get big name players in the Draft the past 2 years as well as in Free Agency but we let them go and instead pick up more player for positions we don’t need help on such as W/R.

I hope that next year will bring a turn around for the Giants and we can start the by announcing Nick Saban as our new head coach. It would also be nice to hear a name like John Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Saquon Barkley with there 1st pick. If the plan is to lose Eli this year or next year than it would be nice to have a QB who could be a franchise QB. I like Jackson because i think he can bring some electricity to the Giants. He and Odell could be a power tandem.

Barkley would also be great to have because he could bring the missing piece to our run game and take pressure off the QB whoever it wind ups being next year. The Giants would see a boost in all around offense if they had a threat in the running game. Zeke and Dalvin Cook have proved that.

So Goodbye and Good Ridden Ben McAddo. No one will miss the terrible coaching and the 70’s porn stash, and thank you for taking Jerry Reese with you.



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