Prediction: The Dolphins will beat the Patriots. Here's why

By Stephen Diener
I know at first glance at the title of this post you may roll your eyes. But to me, this Sunday spells victory for the Phins when they welcome in the Pats to Hard Rock Stadium. Here are a few reasons why I think Miami will get their biggest win of the season.
First off, let’s face it, as invincible as Brady and the Pats may seem, he and they almost never play well down in Miami. I understand that this is a December game and not September, so the heat and humidity will not play as big of a roll in this one as it has in the past. But that thought aside, this is still a Patriots team that is going on the road for a division game. Even in years where the Dolphins have had no business beating the Pats, they were able to find ways to win at home. It is just one of those things. Which brings me to my next point, desperation.
The Miami Dolphins are a team who has everything to play for with only four weeks remaining in the season. They are on the fringes of the final wild-card spot, especially with Tennesee beating Jacksonville last night to improve to 7-6. Miami has to keep pace with not only the Titans, but teams like the Colts, Ravens, and Broncos, who all have identical records of 6-6, other than the Ravens who are 7-5.
This game is an absolute must win for the Dolphins who travel to Minnesota next week and play at Buffalo for their final game of the season. Considering their 1-5 record on the road this year, home wins are an absolute must for this team. That also includes their final home game of the season vs the Jags on the 23rd.
Lastly, and maybe most importantly, this is not the same unbeatable Pats team of the past. They are living off of reputation right now and have shown some dents in the armor so to speak, especially with their befuddling loss to the Titans a few weeks ago. Yes, they are 9-3 because they are who they are, but I don’t feel the same fear with this team as in years past.
Overall, you have to look at it like this to see the method to my madness. The Miami Dolphins are a 7 point home underdog whose backs are completely against the wall. You can’t even fit a piece of paper in between their backs and the wall at this point, that’s how far back they are.
It’s either fight or die. And I think this team has some life left in em.