President Attends Easter Mass, Continues Mueller Response

President Trump and the First Lady headed to Easter Sunday services at Bethesda-By-the-Sea on Sunday morning, as the President tweeted:


During his stay at Mar-a-Lago, the commander-in-chief has remained focused on the Mueller report, with a series of tweets, including:

The President also went after Democrats:

He also made note of a story in The New York Times, saying:

Meanwhile, on Saturday evening, the North American Aerospace Defense Command had to direct an F-16 and helicopter to investigate why a private aircraft entered restricted airspace over Palm Beach, according to NORAD Major Mark Lazane. The situation was resolved without incident, according to Lazane, when the pilot responded and left the restricted airspace.

The President has no official plans for the remainder of Sunday.

Trump at Mar-a-lago for Easter but remains focused on Mueller report