Rosier, Richt disappoint in season finale

Miami head coach Mark Richt walks on the sideline during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Pittsburgh, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018, in Miami Gardens, Fla. Miami won 24-3. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

It only felt right to end a season the way it started, getting blown out by a team noticeably better than the Canes but not quite good enough for anything else.
Not much to talk about besides the obvious. Miami Hurricanes lost 35-3 to Wisconsin Badgers football in New York in the Pinstripe Bowl Thursday night.
Wisconsin took a quick lead 14-3 over Miami in the first quarter and you get that sense of Deja Vu when Miami was up 14-3 over the Badgers in the first quarter for last years Orange Bowl. Then we recall they blew the lead and at half were down 24-14, so you think “Heyyy maybe the same will happen to Wisconsin and Canes will lead 24-14 at the half.” Nope. That did not happen, at all. Though not allowing a score for the rest of the half Miami decided not score for the entire game besides their field goal late in the first quarter.
Malik Rosier was honored with the start which probably was sympathy from Richt who knows this was Rosier’s last game in a Canes uniform. The issue was Rosier didn’t play like it was his last time suiting up for the Canes, and probably ever. Rosier statted a wonderful five completions on 12 attempts for a whopping 46 yards but did run for a nice 62 yard gain which led to the only score of the game for the Canes. Oh, I forgot to mention his three interceptions, which means he was TWO INTERCEPTIONS SHY OF COMPLETING AS MANY PASSES TO THE BADGERS AS HE DID FOR HIS OWN TEAM!
Is anyone not seeing how abysmal the Hurricanes are at football? What happened? Something isn’t right, I am not sure if Mark Richt just wants to be in retirement mode and have a program with minimal maintenance. I am not sure. All we know is that Manny Diaz is leaving next year for Temple University, which he deserves and no hard feelings there, and that is going to leave a hole in the defense that Miami heavily relied on this year as the offense wasn’t sure how forward progress worked. Maybe the Hurricanes just don’t have it anymore? It hurts to say that a team that once dominated between the 80’s and into the early 2000’s giving the NFL Hall of Fame inductee’s and caliber players every year is now producing jack *Bleep*.
Look at this picture:

Ten years of total crap. Not all Mark Richt’s fault as he is the only coach with a bowl win in the last ten years. But once his team hit the spotlight of possible supremacy, Richt once again falls short and drops the ball.
What the does the future hold for the Hurricanes? Nothing good for at least the next 4 years, so chill out and just watch in misery.
Here is the article I wrote last year as to why “The U” was never back.