How seriously will the Pats take Gronks concussion?

New England Patriots . (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

With the Super Bowl just over a week away now, the media circus will start to unload their tents and ramp up to a fever pitch.

And one story that will be covered ad nauseam aside from Brady’s hand will be the status of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk suffered a concussion in the second quarter of last weeks AFC title game vs the Jags. He did not return. And one question that was already being asked as soon as the final whistle sounded was, will Gronk clear the concussion protocol and be able to play in the Super Bowl.

It is a question that remains to be answered, and one that you know Belichick and the Pats will troll reporters on all week long. But another question that needs to be asked is how seriously will the Pats take this injury? Will they just go through the motions of the concussion protocol and rush Gronk back out onto the field in time for the big game?

Will Gronkowski himself say that he is fine and skate by on any tests he takes? We have seen this story play out before in the regular season. The Panthers with Cam Newton, the Seahawks with Russell Wilson, and others that we may not even know about. They were all rushed back or hid their injuries. Specifically, in this case, concussions.

And that was the regular season, imagine the pressure to play in the Super Bowl when you are an unstoppable force like Gronk is who can drastically change the outcome of a game. These are slippery slopes that teams have been heading down lately, but it’s a slope that this organization, in particular, will ski down just as well as any Olympic athlete. You can bet on that.

You can also bet on Gronk being “cleared” to play next Sunday.



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