Shaquille O'Neal Holds the Record for the Largest Singular Purchase in Walmart History

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know about SHAQUILLE O’NEAL: He holds the record for the largest singular purchase in Walmart history. Shaq just did an episode of the YouTube show “Hot Ones”, where a guy interviews celebrities as they eat hotter and hotter chicken wings. And that’s where he dropped this little fun fact about himself. He said, quote, “I got traded from Miami to Phoenix, and I had an apartment that I got in one day . . . three bedroom, nice apartment.” So Shaq hit up the local Walmart for supplies, and ended up spending $67,000. He said, quote, “What got me was the TVs, ‘cuz I ordered about six TVs. That’s what got me.” (That trade occurred in February of 2008.) Shaq also said his three biggest mistakes were not investing in Starbucks, and not signing ‘N SYNC and the BACKSTREET BOYS when he had a chance . . . which he didn’t do because he didn’t understand their music.