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The Andy Slater Show 5-21-19

Andy talks about the Miami Heat Dynasty and how they would do against the Warriors. It’s Luke Tuesday and Luke talks all of the South Florida Sports. Are we ever going to get a soccer team?

The Andy Slater Show 5-20-19

The Marlins got what a sweep? Golden State run isn’t over anytime soon. Sid Rosenberg Joins the show to talk about the dysfunction that is the Mets.

The Andy Slater Show 5-14-19

Andy thinks the Dolphins should draft another QB only if Rosen wins 12 games. The Marlins are continuing their historic run at being bad. The Heat have a chance of landing a top pick its a chance not a great one.

The Andy Slater Show 5-10-19

Andy breaks down his thoughts on the Dolphins signing Howard was a good deal or not. Craig Mish joins Andy to talk baseball and when will the Marlins win 20 games.

The Andy Slater Show 5-9-19

The Miami Heat culture will hurt the heat in the next few years. The Marlins might be historically bad. Sid Rosenberg joins the show.

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