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The Andy Slater Show 8-16-19

Andy is concerned about Josh Rosen will he improve at all and the Dolphins o-line and d-line are bad. Andy excited to see what the Miami Hurricanes QB Jarren Williams will look like against the Dolphins.

The Andy Slater Show 8-13-19

Andy breakdowns his thoughts on the Hurricanes picking a starting QB. Rick Ross and Andy get into a disagreement on Twitter. The Marlins are thinking of adjusting game start times for 3 months worth of games but is it really worth it?

The Andy Slater Show 8-5-19

What is going on in South Florida with youth football referees. Is Josh Rosen finally showing promise and will the Hurricanes decide there starting QB yet?

The Andy Slater Show 7-30-19

Andy is shocked by how far Josh Rosen is from what reports are saying. Its the end of the trade deadline and why haven’t the Yankees done anything. Andy breaks down his experience with Scott Boras a little bit more.

The Andy Slater Show 7-29-19

Jose Fernandez’s house is being foreclosed and Andy gets yelled at by an agent. Andy is bothered about the reports on Josh Rosen.

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