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Kevin Rolston from The KVJ Show takes over the 640 The Hurricane weekdays at 3pm. He couldn't talk sports on that other station so we gave him a show on this one. So there.

I still can’t figure out how I got to where I am. I guess it all started with an invitation to go “play around” at a small college radio station at Ohio University. Since I didn’t go to class much, I had plenty of free time. Radio became my hobby . . . and then my passion . . . and now I’m lucky enough to be doing something I love in an area that I love. I met my wife, Kim, here in Florida. I saw her in the doorway of a waterfront restaurant. She looked amazing! The wind was blowing gently through her hair and the sun was shining behind her. It looked like a scene from a movie. She sat down next to me . . . we have never been apart since. She is fondly now known as my Mexican Queen. We have three great kids together – a pair of early teenage twins and a son in Elementary school. He told me the other day that I’m his best friend. Manipulation is a family trait. Between work and family, there is not much time for myself, but my family graciously gives me a pass for two things: the gym and Ohio State football. I also love music and organization. My iTunes playlists are a ridiculous display of a guy living with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.