Silly Boys, Sports are for Girls Too

I’ve been interested in sports for quite a few years now. Almost ten years in fact, that I’ve paid attention and educated myself on the ins and outs of the sporting community. And even after all that time, it still amazes me how often I am, and other women, are doubted.

My name tag at work has the city I was born in, Buffalo, listed on it. You all can’t imagine the kind of comments I get from the guys who read it.

“Does Buffalo even have a football team?”

“You’re from Buffalo? Oh, I’m sorry.”

“So how many Super Bowls has Buffalo won?”

The list could go on and on; I’ve gotten used to the snarky comments. What I can’t seem to get used to however, is the sheer surprise on faces when I counteract with something intelligent. Whether it’s name dropping a player or spitting out a stat, most guys can’t believe I actually know what I’m talking about.

Perfect example- a few nights ago I overhead two gentlemen talking about Patrick Mahomes and how bright his football future looks. Trying to make conversation, I said “I know right, isn’t it crazy that he’s younger than me?” “What am I doing with my life,” I added sarcastically.

These guys looked at me like I had just spoken a dead language, just for knowing who specifically they were talking about and details about him.

It amazes me- there is a woman referee in professional football, the first ever woman aiming to play in the NFL being publicly endorsed, and countless successful women sports reporters and commentators. And yet, the idea of woman being involved in the sports field still shocks some people.

Sometimes, it even saddens me to see what a cold reception the idea has gotten. For instance, I saw a recent social media post bragging about up-and-coming women commentators and reporters.

The comments on the post were absolutely awful. One man wrote “Hmm that doesn’t look like the kitchen,” talking about the football field in the background of the photo. Another wrote, “Wait, so who’s going to make the sandwiches?”

It’s incredibly disheartening and makes me wonder how anyone could in turn question the passion to “make it” that most women breaking into the sports field have. Times have changed and in an industry as ever-changing as sports, fresh talent should always be welcomed.

So the next time I comment on a quarterback’s talent, I pity the fool who gives me a side eyed glance. You’re in for a rude awakening, my friend.

Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.