Soccer Team Fakes Player’s Death to Postpone Game

Last week’s death of soccer star Fernando Nuno La Fuente came as a terrible blow to the Irish soccer community, forcing his grieving team to postpone a big match and prompting a moment of silence at all weekend games in his honor.

The only problem is La Fuente isn’t really dead.

Leinster Senior League chairman David Moran says La Fuente didn’t die in a car accident as his team, Ballybrack FC, reported before postponing Saturday’s game; he simply returned to his home in Spain. “We don’t honestly know why they did it,” Moran says. “It seems a bit extreme to do something like that to get a game off. All they had to say was they were giving a walkover and they’ll get their fine and that’s the end of it.”

What extremes have you gone to when you wanted to get out of something? Do you think the team should receive a severe punishment for lying?



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