Super Bowl LII has finally arrived, who wins?

The NFL's Joseph Persichini Jr. poses the Vince Lombardi Trophy before a news conference by Commissioner Roger Goodell in advance of the Super Bowl 52 football game, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018, in Minneapolis. The Philadelphia Eagles play the New England Patriots on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Ahhh, Super Bowl Sunday.
A football fans favorite holiday, sure you can say every football Sunday is, but Super Bowl Sunday is on another level (especially if your team is in it).

So what do both these teams need to win?

Let’s start with the Patriots.
I think everyone already knows what this team is capable of in a Super Bowl.
Still, this year is different for the Patriots as the regular season was a struggle, losing Julian Edelman, having a defense that was ranked 29th and some inter-locker room controversy.
They still popped up as the number 1 offense (1st in passing, 10th in rushing).
The main thing they need to do to win is simple, do not get in a shootout with the Eagles.
The coach, QB, and multiple other players have been there before, the inexperience factor that won’t affect them.

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Patriots can score we know that, but they cannot allow the Eagles to score as well, which is hard to say considering their defensive situation.
What I mean is this, if you allow the Eagles to score you give a stout defense the ability to then stop a stout offense.
Honestly, that is the only thing the Patriots need to worry about, sure the Eagles are one of the top-ranked but Tom Brady isn’t the best quarterback ever for no reason. He, with the help of Coach Belichick, have been put in these situations before and came out victorious.



For the Eagles:
I will try to keep this short for you.
The Eagles all year have been labeled as the underdog and they have taken that role to heart.
The defense is ranked number 4 overall (1st in rushing defense, 17th in pass defense and 4th in points allowed).
Passing defense is where their flaws are bright, it is going to be tough playing against Brady.
Eagles rushing defense is great, but the Patriots have won games this season multiple times where their lead running back rushing under 70 yards.
If the Eagles want to win they need to create turnovers, continue with the rush attack of  Three-Headed Monster 2.0 (Blount, Ajayi, and Clement) and keep with hurry-up offense mixed with late audibles.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Keeping the ball out of Brady’s hand will help keep the defense fresh and keep the Eagles offense on the field to maximize scoring opportunities.
I mean that is kind of an obvious key to all games but more importantly today’s game.
Patriots are bad against the run and the pass defense is surprisingly worse.
Ajayi, Blount, and Clement easily get the offense rolling and know how to get late game break-aways that could prove detrimental to the Pats.
As the guys mentioned above can prove as critical keys a hurry-up offense along with audibles will submit the Patriots defense into confusion which could lead to points on the board.
If you watched the Patriots this season the secondary sometimes aren’t on the same page with communication which has led to big plays for the opposing offense.
Now, that since has been corrected to more of a minimum but the Eagles should have looked at film on how to re-create that confusion.


My Prediction.
This year’s Super Bowl is more than just a game, It is payback. It is the continuance of a dynasty. It is to prove what you are made of, whether 40-years of age with a workout routine no one recommends or losing your star QB and continuing on with a back-up who lost faith in playing the game. It is for the coach who is labeled as a cheater and a stiff or a second-year head coach with a team that was told couldn’t escape 3rd place in the division. It is for fans seeking to become the best NFL town in history or fans seeking their first Super Bowl title in a devoted city.

In my honest opinion, the Eagles will win this to claim their first title in since 1960 and 1st in the Super Bowl era.
It won’t be pretty.
It is going to be the toughest game they will play all season, figuratively and literally.
I believe the defense of the Eagles, for the most part, will keep Brady & Co. on their toes limiting the scoring, but the offense will struggle at first but will pick up the pace in the second half.
The Patriots are a second-half team as well and will match the efforts of the Eagles but the defense will stop them late in the game to close the game.

Eagles win 24-20



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