The Heat are trying to dump money and these are the 3 players who could go

The Miami Heat are in the process of putting together their roster for this upcoming season. One of the main things they have been focusing on is trying to get under the league’s salary cap in order to avoid the luxury tax.

The only problem with that though is the contracts that they find themselves anchored by. Three large contracts to be specific. It is being said now that those contracts belong to Hassan Whiteside, Dion Waiters, and Tyler Johnson who have all been reportedly made available by the Heat in trade talks.

But apparently, the Heat has not offered anything to make any team want to take on any of those contracts. In order for the Heat to dump the salary they are looking for, they would have to add a first-round pick, Justise Winslow, or Josh Richardson to any deal to make a team bite.

Why is that you ask? Because the contracts are bad. I mean, really bad.

Whiteside is due $51 million over the next two years, Johnson will be paid $38 million over that same time frame and Waiters has $36 million coming his way in the next three seasons.

Dion Waiters played well last year when he was healthy. But that’s just it, he is now coming off of injury. Tyler Johnson was coming off the bench for a part of last year and he is making crazy money. And don’t even get me started on Whiteside, dude is a class A bum.

Put all of this together with the fact that the Heat are players in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes and you can see why they are trying to clear some room. Not only now, but for the future as well when that next big free agent becomes available.

They just have so many bad contracts.



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