The Miami Hurricanes have made a decision

It’s about damn time.

Mark Richt and the Miami Hurricanes have made a decision at QB for what may be the rest of the season. It was announced today that N’Kosi Perry will be the starter vs Georgia Tech come this Saturday in Atlanta. The only question now is will it be a permanent choice?

This one does feel different than the other indecisive situations throughout this season. The last time this happened, Rosier was just not playing well, but now since the Canes have lost three straight games, this one feels like it’s a “moving on” type of choice. If it isn’t, then it should be.

The fact of the matter is, any chances Miami had at playing in the ACC title game for the second straight year are all but gone for good. They did that to themselves, so with that being said, why would you even bother with putting Rosier back in as the starter? It is time to figure out what this team can be in 2019 and beyond with all of this young and clearly inexperienced talent.

This team is raw and has oodles of potential, but that’s just it, it’s all potential right now. Which is why this move to make Perry the starter should be and feels permanent.



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