The U Is Back!!

It was just one of those magical nights inside Hard Rock stadium last night. You could literally feel the energy and anticipation in the air around you. It was electric.

The Hurricanes took on #3 and hated rival, Notre Dame in front of 65,000 plus rabid fans. It was the biggest game for the Canes program in the last 15 years. Everybody knew what was at stake and the Canes came out and delivered haymakers from the start.

Miami struck first with just over four minutes left to play in the first quarter. An NFL caliber throw and catch from Malik Roseir to Braxton Berrios in the corner of the end zone gave the Canes a 7-0 lead. Then, it happened. The turnover chain made its first appearance of the night on Notre Dame’s very next drive with a Jaquan Johnson pick that put Miami back in scoring position. Two minutes later, Malik Roseir was running into the end zone to give Miami a 14-0 first quarter lead. And just like that, the Irish knew they were in for a long night.

Miami all but put the game away right before halftime with a stadium shaking pick 6 that gave them a 27-0 lead. What was suppose to be a heavyweight prize fight, turned into a Mike Tyson style knockout. The Canes completely overwhelmed the Irish in every facet of the game. Notre Dame was considered to have one of the best rushing attacks in the country with Heisman candidate Josh Adams, but Miami completely stifled them all night. Eventually knocking Adams out of the game. TKO.

The turnovers kept coming. Four to be exact, a strip sack here, a pick there. And with each turnover came even more excitement for the appearance of the now iconic Turnover Chain. In my opinion, I think that’s when Hard Rock stadium is at it’s loudest. That thing is a rock star.

By the fourth quarter, Miami held a commanding 34-8 lead. It was just a matter of time and the fans and players (and some members of the media) were anxiously awaiting for the clock to strike zero to celebrate. Chants of “overrated” began echoing throughout the stadium. They were so loud, I believe they could be heard all the way up in South Bend. Now personally, I wouldn’t say Notre Dame was overrated. Their offense was putting up astounding numbers all season and they had some nice wins. That doesn’t just happen by accident. In fact, if anything, I think Miami may have been under rated, and this win and the way they won was more of a testament to how good they have actually become.

One more touchdown for good measure, a 5 yard run on 4th and goal by DeeJay Dallas to cap off one of the most significant wins in the past 20 years for Miami. 41-8 was the final…41-8! The Canes showed up in a big, big way last night. This kind of win changes the course of a program. Don’t believe me? Ask the hundreds of recruits who were at that game what they thought.

The Miami Hurricanes are now 9-0 and will undoubtedly be ranked in the top 4 when the new college football playoff poll comes out Tuesday night. And if all that wasn’t enough, the Canes found out that they had become ACC Coastal champions for the first time in school history right before game time. That means a match up with Clemson in the ACC title game will take place on December 2nd.

But first, next up for Miami is the final home game of the season next Saturday at noon versus Virginia. Then it’s on to Pittsburgh for the final regular season game, then the ACC title game after that. And then, well, sky is the limit for this team now. That’s because the U is back!

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