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Today is the second most important day in the world of football. It’s actually here, we’ve waited long enough, endured months without touchdowns or tailgates, and finally tonight the NFL regular season will start.

I’ve drafted my fantasy teams, pulled my old faithful Bills jersey from the back of the closet, and I am ready for Sundays filled with Bud Light and more chicken wings than the city of Buffalo sent Andy Dalton after his game winning touchdown that catapulted my boys into the playoffs after an excruciating drought.

One thing I’ve never done in all my years of football following is sit down and actually think about some bold, and I mean very bold, predictions.

Y’all knew it was coming, of course I’m going to put my Bills in. I say they make the playoffs again, but with Josh Allen at QB. I think Nathan Peterman isn’t going to do as well as McDermott is hoping he can. I think he cracks under pressure…AGAIN. But I think the Bills go on to make it into the playoffs for a second season in a row. Bills Mafia is still hungry for playoff contention.

The Eagles miss the playoffs. It looks like they’re suffering from a gnarly Super Bowl hangover after only winning one preseason game. Since 2005, no team in the NFC East has repeated championships and it’s the hardest division to predict but I’m betting they don’t repeat their successes this season. Tonight’s opening game against the Atlanta Falcons will hopefully give us a glimpse into what Philly plans to accomplish this season.

Lastly, the most daring of all predictions: my Super Bowl 53 victor.

And I’m going with the Steelers on this one. If you research and look at their stats, the numbers are impressive with Big Ben. Since 2004, when they took him 11th overall, the Steelers have won their division seven times, made the postseason ten times, appeared in three Super Bowls, and took home the Lombardi twice.

Only one other team in that same time frame has a better record and of course it’s the… New England Patriots. Like we didn’t see that coming.

You’ve got the tension between Brady and Belicheck this off season to bring some chaos to the field plus the players New England lost. Combine that with the Pittsburgh fan base and teammates playing for Ryan Shazier, who walked the field in an electrifying moment during Steelers practice in early August. I’m a firm believer in having something to play for besides money and I think the Steelers want it more than any other team.

Yes, Le’Veon Bell is still holding out and it has been reported that he will miss Week 1. But I think that’s all going to come down to his contract and once the Steelers see he isn’t messing around, I predict he’ll get the long term deal he wants and then lead the Steelers to Super Bowl victory.

Come February and we’ll see just how good I am at forecasting the NFL.


Just living life and loving every moment. Just Jordyn.



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