Tim Tebow continues to provoke the Hurricanes

Tim Tebow (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

After going on First Take and a deciding to anger all Wisconsin Badgers fans by stating they aren’t the “best” team for the number four spot in the College Football Playoff’s, though boasting a perfect record.

Now on College Gameday Tim Tebow continues to not be “sold” on the Miami Hurricanes.
He chose number one Clemson over seven ranked University of Miami.
Though Tebow consistently chooses against his former statewide rival, the last high profile game the Hurricanes had was against Notre Dame three weeks ago, Tebow chose Notre Dame and Miami crushed them….on PRIMETIME!

Now, there could be a few reasons for his decision in favor of Clemson:
Clemson is ranked No. 1.
Their Defense is No. 6.
Clemson won last years College Football Playoff National Title.
Miami lost to a horrible University of Pittsburgh team last week(Even though Clemson lost to their bizzaro world orange and navy blue, Syracuse).
He’s a Gator alumni, still hates his rivals.
Or maybe this is a way for Tim Tebow to get revenge for every analyst, scout, coach or general manger who wasn’t “SOLD” on him going into/during his NFL career, which led him to quit trying to learn how to throw the pigskin and pick up a wooden stick in Minor League Baseball!!

That’s fine, every player that commits to Miami knows that they will never be the “chosen ones” or the game pick of the day. These players know it well, Mark Richt knows it, they play with a chip on there shoulder(or a chain around their neck) and once again they will prove Mr. Tebow that he is wrong.

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