It’s time we pay college football players

Alabama head coach Nick Saban hugs Andy Pappanastos after overtime of the NCAA college football playoff championship game against Georgia, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, in Atlanta. Alabama won 26-23. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

It has been a longstanding debate in college sports, should the athletes get paid or would that cross a moral line in the student athlete relationship? The answer and reasoning varies depending on who you ask. And if you ask me, the answer is going to be a resounding yes!

College Football’s National championship game between Alabama and Georgia is just the latest example in my opinion. Case in point, the average ticket price for Monday’s game on second hand sites such as StubHub were selling for $2,400. That’s Two Thousand Four Hundred Dollars. Per Ticker. For a college sports game.

Now granted, it’s the national title game and a lot is on the line. You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger college football fan than me, so I more than understand what this game means. Especially to that region. It’s an all SEC final being played in Atlanta, Georgia. Tuscaloosa is a car ride away and the Bulldogs were essentially playing this game at home, so I get it.

I also get that these schools are making millions of dollars year in and year out on the backs of these athletes. The vast majority of those athletes will never see a down on an NFL field, so if your argument is that they will make it up at the pro level, than that only applies to the top level guys.

Meanwhile, all of the other student athletes have to go through the same rigors as the guys who will make a nice paycheck one day. They have to get up for 5 am workouts, they have to put in their time in the weight room and make it to practice on time. All the while keeping their grades up enough to be eligible to play and maybe even get in the game one day. Now tell me, when is that mid level guy supposed to find time to get a part time job?

The two coaches in the championship game made 16 million dollars combined next season in salary. Eleven Million of that belonging to Nick Saban. They sure are reaping the benefits of having a successful program. Shouldn’t the guys who help get them those wins and those nice salaries get a piece of the pie too?

So when you really take a step back and look, isn’t there something wrong with this picture?



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