Tonight we will know who plays in the Super Bowl

Workers paint the field of Gillette Stadium, Friday, Jan. 19, 2018, in Foxborough, Mass., where the New England Patriots host the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC championship on Sunday. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes)

Four teams play, only two will move on to the next round.
Super Bowl LII.

Jacksonville are visiting the reigning champs New England.
Minnesota is in the city of Brotherly Love(except on game day) Philadelphia.

The first match up, between the Jaguars and Patriots kicks off at 3:05 p.m. EST and all week has been riddled with whether Brady starts or not.
Most think his “hand injury” was a ploy, but it was not, we all saw the stitches he received, but ultimatley Brady is making the start.
That pretty much saved what America would see in both AFC and NFC Championship games, with 3 of 4 QBs who either started on a bench or have been called to be on the bench.

My Prediction:
Patriots make it back to the Super Bowl, but not with ease.
The Jags are there for a reason, they can play and play well, especially on defense.
Patriots defense just needs to actually show up like they had in the second half of the season if they want to pull out a win.
Their passing defense is ranked 30th, but against Bortles they should be ok.
The rushing defense is 20th, not good when facing a RB like Leonard Fournette.
Jaguars defense can take away the ball in the air easily, so Brady’s receivers need to be on point if they want this win.
I am still going with experience and consistency.
Patriots win 27-24.

Now for the Vikings and Eagles game.
Two teams that are linked together in more ways than you think, but yet still so different.
These fan bases have been going back and forth with remarks and Minnesota going as far as calling Eagles fans gang members and playing Philadelphia radio stations on their radio dials.
Coach Doug Pederson calling for respect and saying he’d fight for any of the guys in locker room after being an underdog at home again(and yes the stadium will be filled with dog masks).
Vikings coach Mike Zimmer urging Vikings fans to come to Philly and mock the town with the “SKOL” chant.
Looks like some blood will be spilled in this one.

My Prediction:
This is going to be the most memorable game in NFC Championship and NFL history.
Both defenses are top of the league.
Both rushing offenses are great.
Both teams rely on the backup QB.
Only one wins though.
The Eagles.
I can’t see a team going into that environment and being able to play well, let alone think.
After the Vikings miracle win last week, no team has won their next game.
No team has played in the Super Bowl and hosted at the same time.
Yes the Eagles are underdogs, but the difference will be who doesn’t turn the ball over.
Keenum had 22 TDs and 7 INTs, and only broke 300 yards twice.
Even last week he went 1-1 with 318 yards, in which 61 of those yards and the touchdown came off of the miracle play.
Nick Foles this season hadnt played much, few garbage time plays, 2 games where he played full games and posted 5 TDs(4 in one game) and 1 INT.
Last week he was 23-30 246 yards and controlled the game.
Still the Eagles defense and fans are disruptive and will cause mayhem.

Eagles win 23-10.



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