UCF fans and anyone else wanting this are going to be very disappointed

Central Florida linebacker Shaquem Griffin, left, kisses the championship trophy as Central Florida quarterback McKenzie Milton looks on after the Peach Bowl NCAA college football game against Auburn, Monday, Jan. 1, 2018, in Atlanta. Central Florida won 34-27. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

If UCF and its fans thought last season’s perceived slight at the hands of the College Football Playoff selection committee would result in change, they were sadly mistaken.

In a recent interview, Bill Hancock, executive director of the playoff, said he doesn’t get the feeling from the management group, which consists of the 10 conference commissioners and Notre Dame, that they want to make changes to the current four-team model. The question is, why?

His answer: “I don’t sense a groundswell to do anything different either in the selection protocol or to expand the event,” Hancock said during ACC spring meetings being held this week in Florida. “It’s enormously popular and people are coming to realize that the playoff and the regular season are tied together and they do acknowledge that we have the best regular season in sports. And folks just think why would we want to jeopardize the regular season by changing the postseason?”

That last part of the statement makes me want to pull my hair out. I mean literally grab my head and tear the hair right out from it. The narrow-sightedness of that statement is so glaring, how could he (Hancock) not realize it?!

Here’s why it makes me crazy; because they were saying the same thing all those years during the BCS era! They didn’t want to jeopardize the regular season by changing the postseason…well they finally did four years ago and now they are all rolling in dough because of it. Just like playoff proponents always said would happen. He even said it in his statement! But these guys are too stupid and hard-headed to realize what is right in front of them.

Changing the postseason from the BCS formula didn’t have a negative impact on the regular season like they always said it would, instead it heightened the excitement and importance of the regular season by making it all that more imperative to win your games in order to make the top 4. So now that the masses are clamoring for further expansion up to 8 teams, the same stupid way of thinking shows its dumb head once again.

How could they not realize that expanding the system from 4 teams to 8, would not hurt the regular or postseasons, but rather heighten them once again, just as the 4 team playoff ended up doing? It would build more excitement to see which teams could have a chance at the national championship. It would allow for a school like UCF, who went undefeated to get their fair shot. Maybe I should speak in terms they understand, it would mean more money!! Lots more money.

Hancock went onto say that the takeaway from their meeting of the minds was that it’s been a very good four years. Duh. Hancock said, “every year the commissioners look at every aspect of the playoff and they just came away thinking we don’t need to make any changes.”




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