Wait, so are the Miami Heat bad this season?

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, left, stands with Tyler Johnson (8) and James Johnson, center, during the second half of Game 3 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers, Thursday, April 19, 2018, in Miami. The 76ers won 128-108. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, basketball has started.

And it’s a question that may be too early to consider, but when you look at the losses that the Miami Heat have suffered so far during this young season, it is hard not to feel just a little bit concerned about the prospects of the 2018-2019 campaign.

The Heat currently sit as the 8th place team in the East with a 3-4 record after last nights loss to the Hornets in Charlotte. It was their second loss to the Hornets this season already, the first coming at home back on October 2oth. “Get back into the lab and roll up our sleeves,” Spoelstra so eloquently cliched in a statement after last nights game referring to how this team can fix its current issues and get better.

One of the main issues that have been letting this team down early on is their defense. One example of that came last night, with the Heat’s defense lagging, Charlotte took a 92-73 lead into the fourth quarter. Allowing points in the paint has been a big issue as well. The Heat gave up 68 points in the paint to the Kings in their loss a few days ago and had already given 32 points last night by halftime to the Hornets.

We can’t even blame Hassan Whiteside for their early-season struggles, dude has 5 double-doubles already in 7 games. Although, with that many points being given up in the paint, he obviously needs to help out a little more on the defensive end of things.

Another startling thing that gives you pause is that the teams that Miami has lost too are not exactly the cream of the crop, with two losses to Charlotte, a loss to the Kings, and a season-opening loss to the Magic. Yeah, the Magic, who won 25 games all last year. Eww.

So I know its very early on in the season, but it is important to build good habits and good trends early on as to avoid digging yourself out of the proverbial hole in February and March. But to answer my own question that I posed to start off all of this, NO, the Heat are not a bad team.

Although, they do need to fix these issues in November and December, otherwise I will be writing a very different opinion come 2019.



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