Was Tulowitzki The Right Decision?

Realistically, signing 5-time All-Star Troy Tulowitzki for the league minimum could turn out to be a big steal for the Yankees in 2019. Also, signing Troy Tulowitzki does not mean they are not out of the running for Manny Machado. Here is the 1st question that will come from the media: Can Tulowitzki and Machado coexist? Here is another factor if this ever happens: Machado has to be willing to play third base. Although he wants to play shortstop, Manny is better at third base than he is at shortstop. So, it can be helpful for the Yankees having Tulowitzki at SS and Machado at 3B but it will mean moving Miguel Andujar to DH, 1B or maybe trade.

The key factor is can Tulowitzki be healthy next season given his injury history. As you know, Troy Tulowitzki’s 2018 season was over before it ever began. The 34-year-old shortstop missed the entire season due to bone spurs in both of his heels which required surgery. The procedure was supposed to set him back eight weeks, but after seven months, the Blue Jays decided to go a different direction. Troy Tulowitzki’s one-year deal is the league-minimum at $555,000. The Blue Jays will take care of the remainder of his $20 million salary in 2019. He’s due another $14 million from Toronto in 2020, and there was a $4 million buyout on his option for 2021. Hopefully, the veteran infielder has something left in the tank. In the long run, it’s a no-risk deal and just too good to pass up for New York.