West Palm Beach Mayor-Elect Keith James in Studio

Harvard law grad and city commissioner Keith James has declared himself the winner of the West Palm Beach mayoral election held on March 12th, however, there may be a machine recount. With three candidates in the race the vote was split and James narrowly captured more than 50% of the vote.

New Mayor

James joined Jen and Bill in studio Friday to talk about his plans as mayor-elect for the city of West Palm Beach.
The municipal election had a very low 16% voter turnout of about 11,000 registered voters.

There may be a possible machine recount today because James only garnered 50.3% of the vote which is just shy of the 50.5% needed to win outright.
James says he is not concerned about a possible recount because he believes the machines are accurate. But, he also believes it would be better to
go ahead and recount the votes to avoid any question about the election outcome.

City Commissioner Paula Ryan and former Palm Beach County mayor Priscilla Taylor ran against James.

If James is finally declared the winner of the race he will be sworn in as mayor of West Palm Beach on April 4th at 5:00 p.m.
Outgoing mayor Jeri Muoio endorsed James. She served as mayor for eight years and was term-limited.