Who Is To Blame: Boone or Stanton?

Back in the day, the big time managers of Major League Baseball like Joe Torre, Jim Leyland, and Tony LaRussa were known as the Sheriffs of the game. The power of the Major League Manager is in decline as more and more power is concentrated in the front office. If the rookie skipper stands in no danger of losing his job as all appearances indicate, then Brian Cashman must be working on Plan B for next season. Last year, Aaron Boone was the Yankees guy last fall and the franchise paid him $1.15 million for his first year and is signed for 3 years with a club option for a 4th year. Well, lets not count our eggs before they hatch. Remeber, things can change in New York very quickly at a drop of a dime. Maybe Aaron Boone forgot that the Yankees have a very good bullpen?

Now that the season is over, there’s a lot to dissect about what went wrong for the Yankees during this division series. Does most of the blame go to skipper Aaron Boone and the 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton? Everyone gets it, it was more than just Aaron Boone’s poor decision making, lack of managerial skills, and post season experience. The same goes for Giancarlo Stanton’s lack of production in the clutch all year that includes the Yankees early playoff exit with a batting average of .222 (4-for-18). Overall, that means 6 strikeouts, no RBI’s, no Home Runs, and leaving 12 runners on base. Some are defending Stanton and Boone because this was their 1st taste of Postseason Baseball. Another factor can be that Stanton has never played in October. Is this why he is used to losing from his 1st eight years with the Miami Marlins?

On a positive note, Stanton and Boone did a solid job helping the Yankees to a 100 win regular season. Realistically, that doesn’t mean anything to ownership, front office or the Yankees fan base if you can’t win in October. The Yankees franchise expects greatness and demands success.

If you can’t deliver, then the Steinbrenner family will find somebody else who can.

Let’s see how this maranades during the off-season heading into next season…



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