Wild Card day 1, gives meaning to the name

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid follows the second half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Tennessee Titans, in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

If you are a fan of any team in the 12 team playoffs, well 10 now, you are probably not confident in anything after last night’s games.

The first game to kick off the playoffs were the 5-seed Tennessee Titans at 4-seed Kansas City Chiefs.
Chiefs were a 9-point home favorite, that is a lot for a playoff game.
Well the Chiefs at the half were holding up their end of bargain for Vegas taking a 21-3 lead.
That quickly went to shambles as the Titans outscored them 18-0 in the second half to win 22-21.
Besides that ridiculous spread, Andy Reid once again abandoned the run with a number one RB in the league, Kareem Hunt.
Alex Smith proved to be a game manager, especially with Travis Kelce being knocked out of the game.
Last but not least Marcus Mariota proved to Tom Brady that a passing touchdown to yourself is possible.

The second game of the night, the reigning Super Bowl slumps and 6-seed Atlanta Falcons at the new and improved 3-seed Los Angeles Rams.
Rams had everything going for them, Coach of the Year candidate Sean McVey, MVP candidate Todd Gurly II, and home field advantage.
What looked liked to be the only thing they didn’t have going was maintaining their nerves and the veteran Falcons took that to their advantage.
The Rams never lead nor were they ever in the game even after bringing the score to 13-10 at the half.
Goff looked off, Gurley, though having 101 yards, had only 43 through three quarters. The only thing going was the defense holding it down, but with out the high-scoring offense its hard to hold down and disrupt an opponents offense because they don’t have to play catch-up offense.

So a 6-seed beats a 3-seed, and a 9-point Vegas favorite loses an 18-point lead.
What else crazy could happen and how can you have trust in your team?

The Buffalo Bills are in Jacksonville to face the Jaguars and Carolina is at New Orleans.
If the Bills win they would face the Patriots, which could give them motivation enough for a rivalry that intensified as of recent, but they are facing one of the best defenses with a banged up LeSean McCoy.

Panthers lost to the Saints twice this year, and besides Brees, Carolina has more of a recent playoff team and if Cam Newton has a Cam night you could see them advance.

The only Divisional round match up we know of for certain is the Eagles hosting the Falcons Saturday at 4:35 p.m.
The Eagles are without Carson Wentz but Nick Foles has been a decent starter, which might be enough with their number 5 ranked rushing attack and their number 2 rushing defense. Their pass defense is only ranked 11 but with a pass rush that is unmatched it could limit how Matt Ryan does, as we have seen before Julio Jones can post 146 yards and a TD but still lose.
Falcons though have a better playoff experience advantage and they still have Julio Jones, Matt Ryan and a great rushing duo with Freeman and Coleman. This will be a intense game and defines the meaning of NFL Playoff football.




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