Yankees Almost No-Hit By Twins

While the Boston Red Sox reached win 100 last night, the Yankees were on the brink of being shut out with a possible No-Hitter. Greg Bird’s 8th inning RBI double prevented the Yankees from being no-hit for the first time in 15 years. Amen! They Yankees fell 3-1 to the Minnesota Twins in which shaved their lead in Wild Card spot by 1 game over the A’s. The reality is the Yankees have gone 7-9 in their last 16 games proving that the Bronx Bombers are out of gas, spent, exhausted, confused or lost in translation.

I did notice Luis Severino brush past Aaron Boone and catcher Gary Sanchez when asked to hand the ball over on a pitching change. Severino pitched a strong game giving up 1 Run on 4 Hits in 5 2/3 innings on 83 pitches. What was behind the quick decision to go to a struggling bullpen or maybe the players are not really drinking the Aaron Boone Kool-Aid anymore.



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