Yankees vs Nationals Preview

The Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees have been the two hottest teams with an 8-2 record or better over their last 10 games. Also, both teams are in 1st place in their division and there is talk about this being the biggest series of the year. Ironically, the New York Yankees only come to Washington once every three years. So, when the Bronx Bombers stop by for two games, this definitely qualifies as an eventful series because everyone wants to see long home runs or strong pitching. On another note, weather can play a factor as the forecast is predicting a 75 percent chance of rain with scattered showers and heavy thunderstorms. There could be a 50 percent chance the games might be postponed. You can’t mess with mother nature.

Let’s see what happens…

Here are the Matchups:

Tonight 5/15
RHP Masahiro Tanaka (4-2 4.29 ERA) vs. LHP Gio Gonzalez (4-2 2.84 ERA)

Tomorrow 5/16
Pitchers: LHP CC Sabathia (2-0 3.62 ERA) vs. Max Scherzer (7-1 1.75 ERA)



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